Rising Sun

by Words for Japan

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Promotion of this track is being conducted by Mr. Coons's Economics students at Junipero Serra High School in Gardena, California as part of our Non-Profit Business Project.

All proceeds from the sale of this track will be donated to the American Red Cross and designated for aid to victims of the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan in March.


Japan the land of the rising sun eclipsed by the moon,
for a split second in time
it was as if God overlooked them,

just as Moses depicted in the 7 chapter of genesis
it was more than bargained for

More than just a flood,
Water was only the beginning of their problems.

There were waves that blacked out the sun.
Storms formed into tsunamis forwarned to us in Luke 21
A disastrous event forshodowing whats to come
March 10th 2011. The day Japan was forgotten.

Heartbeats pounding against the chests of young Japanese children lost in midst of a post apocalyptic
battle between h20 and gravel
They was trying to unravel the mysteries of God in a land forgotten by mother natures aftermath.
This is there story

Age 16

Dear Journal

I spoke to God last night
And it was crazy.
He's asked how I been lately
And I told him about The pain
I've been feeling ever since kibou ran away
Father says once the rain leaves
I can go look for him,
I prayed to God hoping To keep keep safe and secure
I Left some cookies out for him,
Double chocolate chip,
Cause I knew it was his favorite.
Hopefully he finds it
Hopefully he doesn't feel how empty they were ,
Hopefully he won't notice the saltwater tear drops mixed into the cookie dough
I tried my hardest to stay strong.
I tried my hardest to conceal the hidden storms my eyes were trying to hide. I left cookies out for him hoping he finds it before death claims them.
Well that's it for tonight
Since tomarrow is a new day,
I hope this rain goes away cause
I know kibou needs me.

P.S. They begin the evacuating the city tomarrow, we chose to stay and wait to see if kibou comes back. Hoping Kibou, is still alive.

"Ani" brother
Age 18

March 10, 2011

He's Gone!
He was there, now he's gone!
He said sit still Ill get Mom
And he diassapeared with the wave. Forever lost in the traffic jam of fear and worry,
Tokyo was beginning to look like a waste land full of the weary.
I stood their and watched whille it happened.
I watched as the metal impaled him.
Bone kissing cast iron steel, as his body flew across the chaotic frenzy of people running.
Cars traveling 80 miles per hour deserting the once popular town
This wasn't suppose to happen.
Were suppose to pick up mother and get out of dodge. The building began to fall.
He was gone. Ani, my older brother, Gone.

Their nerves built its way up, forcefully shaking skeletons as the earth quaked rocking skulls like a judge's gavel crashing against the sound blocks of our land.
It was as if We were the convicts forever condemned by God ,We were guilty of being innocently convicted, wrongly accused as fate forced us to deal with the death of 1000s upon 1000s of corpses with no home. Sentenced to life on upper roofs and high grounds as the toxic chains surrounded us while the nuclear waste level rises our race began to fall; helpless
Lungs filled with toxins rised up in the water, the silence as eerie as the whispers of HELP while knowing no one would ever come
We were homeless, the memories of hiroshima leave flashbacks of bad taste in the mouths of our past while our future was held hostage by our present we were seeking saviour
Someone willing to lend a hand
We were in need of a good samaritan to care us back to health. We are still here, Listen! Listen to the 10000 silenced voices hidden beneath a breeze, lives forever lost at sea. Listen! Listen to the sound of running water knowing radiation is rising in the water levels of their country. God allows things to happen for a reason.

‘Assuredly, I say to you, in as much as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me.’


released May 23, 2011
Promotion & Marketing: Students of ROOM 305
Vocal Performance: Sione Veikoso
Production and Engineering: Mark Alston
Words by Sione Veikoso



all rights reserved


Words for Japan Gardena, California

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